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Directional Services

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Mining Directional Services

In the Mining Sector, Fasdrill provides its customers with complete Navi Drilling Operations.


Performance slim hole motors, Gyros, survey while motoring tools in both positive pulse and electromagnetic telemetry, survey while coring tools and directional field operators with MSHA training


B,N,H And larger Holes

Drainage and Service Holes

Coring and Motoring

Wedge setting and orientation



Navi Drill Classic

N Hole using BQ Pipe


Wireline Survey and Toolface

wedge setting and orientation

performance drilling motors

H Hole using NQ Pipe minimum

real time survey and tool face

No wireline in or out

performance drilling motors

Navi Drill Real Time

Navi Drill Pro

2 in 1 gyro and steering tool

real time survey and tool face

gyro can be used for core retrieval

performance drilling motors

Navi Drill Core

directional coring services

n size with b core

rotatable coring string

performance drilling motors

Wedge Setting and Orientation

Latest wedge technology

set with north seeking gyro

small and large trajectory corrections

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