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In 2008 Fasdrill was created with the idea of developing better quality survey and measurement while drilling tools and packaging them with a service that was not offered in the drilling industry at that time.

Fast forward 15 years, Fasdrill is now a

World Leader in Directional Drilling Services. We sell and rent our technology, we provide full turn key services to the Oil & Gas, Mining, Underground and Horizontal Directional Drilling Industries. 


Fasdrill has provided equipment and service in over 2500 successful wells drilled in Canada, The United States, South America and Asia.


Fasdrill has a solution for your project -


Big or Small

15 Years of Providing Directional Drilling Technology and Service

Fasdrill Mining Directional Services






Technology - 

The Difference Maker

Our technology development and advancement was created to solve problems in the Directional Drilling Industry. Reliability, rate of penetration and cost savings are what separates Fasdrill technology from its competitors . 

Fasdrill Directional Services

Created to solve problems


Field Operators


Fasdrill Directional Services

Service -

It's What We Do

Great service takes a team of experienced individuals with a common goal. Fasdrill provides talented field operators, drillers and training experts to its customers across the globe.

We are the right people for your project. 

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