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Welcome to Fasdrill LP

We are a supplier of quality MWD and LWD tools and experienced personnel from Conroe, Texas.

We have all the MWD parts and services you need.

The most reliable and dependable MWD kits in the business. Our kits are stocked, organized and ready to go to the field.

Inclination, Azimuth and Toolfaces

Our directional modules are engineered with the highest possible quality in mind. Capable of delivering high resolution raw survey values.

Real-Time Shock and Vibration

The 3-axis VMT shock evaluation system can be used in conjunction with shock mitigation technology to help increase MWD tool longevity and optimize BHA performance.

Gamma Logging

Our gamma probes offer advanced protection and functionality utilizing a precisely calibrated scintillator crystal to give you the most accurate and reliable gamma measurements as possible.

Power Details

Display useful battery information such as active battery status, remaining battery capacity and average current draw.


The most reliable MWD kits in the business.


We are continually developing new and innovative improvements to make your next tool run a success and decrease your rate of failure.

Exceptional Service

Equipment maintenance and service is critical and we do everything possible to ensure our tools are in optimal condition for every run.

About Us

We are a group of skilled MWD operators and technicians who take pride in providing a superior level of service and expertise to the directional drilling industry in North America and abroad.